The German research foundation @dfg_public is giving a series of sessions explaining the goals, eligibility requirements, duration of their funding programs, how they reach a funding decision, and advice on preparing a proposal. Check out the dates here:

Happy #WorldBiodiversityDay from the #Uckermark a beautiful region North East of #Brandenburg, formed by Ice Ages with many lakes & large forests.

An old Oaktree representing an ancient speciesmen, habitat of many many other species.


Biodiversity is the defining feature of our planet & plays a central role for us humans, says #UOL biodiversity expert @hhillebr1.

Click here for the interview on the occasion of the #BiodiversityDay:

@UNBiodiversity @ICBM_uol @HIFMB_OL

.@UFZ_de's #PatrickFink: "#ChemicalCommunication is the ubiquitous language of life on earth – but this is being jeopardised by global change" @aquafink #ClimateChange

Ein Gastbeitrag von @rommel_jens zum im Kontext von #IchBinHanna #WissZeitVG unterbelichteten Thema #Drittmittelpooling

cc @JMWiarda @GrundMar @spdwisspol @AmreiBahr @gew_bund

Why are women underrepresented in senior academic positions & rankings? Started questioning myself & found that my Google Scholar profile also highlighted more men than women. Fixed that now and switched to only highlighting female coauthors and ECRs. #diversity #WomenInSTEM

Sometimes, fieldwork can be just … yikes. E.g. when you discover a floating wild boar in your sampling pond.

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