⌛️ Turn in your session proposals for #SIL100 today❗️until 23:59 (CET/Berlin) - to contribute to an inspiring Centennial Congress of the International Society of #Limnology, 7-10 August 2022 in Berlin. Details at @SIL_limnology

Corona besiegen wir als Gesellschaft nur gemeinsam. Polemische Angriffe gegen Wissenschaftler wie jetzt durch die @BILD-Zeitung sind inakzeptabel & kontraproduktiv. Die #AllianzWissenschaft fordert mehr Sachlichkeit in Krisensituationen.

Come do a postdoc with me at the University of Konstanz! Topics are wide-ranging, but will need to focus on fish species readily available in our lab/collection (mostly cichlids and poeciliids), and will include analysis of some genomic datasets.

Only ONE WEEK left to submit your session ideas for SIL2022, Berlin in August!
Visit to submit a session proposal!
Session conveners are expected to attend the conference in person, but since it will be a hybrid meeting, mixed sessions will be possible.

Researchers from 90 scientific institutions worldwide have stated that #freshwater #biodiversity #research and #conservation lag far behind the efforts carried out in terrestrial and marine environments. They propose a research agenda with 15 priorities:

Sonja Jähnig@SCJaehnig

Our global agenda for #freshwater #biodiversity #research out as viewpoint in @Ecology_Letters; @LeibnizIGB @AFL_org;

📣Please, help us to plan @IsoEcol2022 and let us know your intentions by responding to this 1 min survey -

#isotopeecology fans - come and participate in our new @FrontEcolEvol topic - Food Webs and Stable Isotopes: Volume II

Polyunsaturated FAs of key invertebrate taxa were significantly higher in clear-water lakes compared to humic lakes. Differences in prey community structure and nutritional status potentially impact higher consumers including fish

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