Two positions (3 yr funding each) in a new project on "Safe operating spaces for stream ecosystem functioning" at @UFZ_de in Magdeburg 🇩🇪:
Postdoc (modelling):
PhD student (field work):
Please RT and contact me for further info!

Thank you @bio_move for the invitation. It was an absolute pleasure spending the day talking #evidencesynthesis & #openscience with y'all in Potsdam (in person!!!!). Wonderful & interesting bunch, and beautiful location too! I feel honored 🙏🙏🙏 #systematicreview #metaanalysis

BioMove @bio_move

Last #BioMoveFriday we had @ASanchez_Tojar from @unibielefeld, he gave us a brilliant introductory talk about Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis and a seminar on #openscience. Thanks so much, Alfredo!

Interesting story from more than 2 years ago about how duplicate copies of the gene that helps sticklebacks synthesize the fatty acid DHA may have helped certain lineages colonise freshwater habitats #fattyacids

New publication from work I did in my dissertation is now out!

Experiential legacies of #earlylife dietary #PUFA content on juvenile #Walleye: Potential impacts from #ClimateChange


Photo by @ichthykate

Cheap booze for the @bio_move students? Nooo! But I heard red wine 🍷 serve as an excellent beetles bait in pitfall traps 🪲. Let’s find out

Are you interested in helping solve the freshwater biodiversity crisis? Then apply for the PhD position which I currently advertise in my new team in Denmark:

#PhDposition #rivers #EUGreenDeal

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