Hoher Quecksilbergehalt: Fischsterben in der Oder: Erste Hinweise auf hochgiftigen Stoff

I'm recruiting a postdoc to work in my group at Aalborg University (way up in Denmark!) within a very cool, new Horizon Europe project on #sustainable freshwater use #biodiversity protection #community collaboration. More info and application here:

#SIL100BERLIN continues but I returned home for some #familytime. Crazy that this little guy who used to play with the big buoys at #Erkenlaboratoriet is turning 6years! ❤️-lichen Glückwunsch mein Großer!


Hej und hallo #SIL100BERLIN friends! Want to know how brown coal mining just 100 km south of Berlin affects fishes in the River Spree and alters aquatic-terrestrial linkages? Join me on Monday, 09:08-09:20 in the room „River“.


Back home in Kreuzberg for a quick vacation break to join all my friends and colleagues from Sweden, Germany and the world at #SIL100BERLIN. So looking forward!

Pretty amazed to discover more than 10 swallow nests on a Danish Baltic Sea ferry 😳. On a moving boat! Takes almost 1h between the islands. Fascinating that parents know where to find their nests


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