More exciting fresh work on aquatic-terrestrial fatty acid subsidies from @M_Mathieuresuge and the @Aqua_Terr project!
Taxonomic composition and lake bathymetry influence fatty acid export via emergent insects

Bottom dwelling organisms in lakes and ditches (ranging from tubifex to benthic fish): you have to look deep to see them, but they may be ruling greenhouse gas emissions. Want to find out more and interested in doing a PhD? Consider applying!

Our recent paper in @NatureEcoEvo

Adopting a narrative emphasizing that the #Covid_19 pandemic is intricately intertwined with global change would present a more unified message to the public, and to policymakers.

#globalchange #policy #environment

How important are fatty acid-rich aquatic insects for bats? Exciting project within @bio_move in collaboration with @kainz_lab and Christian Voigt @IZWberlin. We collect bat fatalities at wind turbines and I´m devasted to learn about the dark side of this green energy.


Virtual Issue @JBiogeography Women in biogeography "Highlighting influential contributions by women biogeographers is a small step towards equalizing visibility across genders."

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