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Polyunsaturated FAs of key invertebrate taxa were significantly higher in clear-water lakes compared to humic lakes. Differences in prey community structure and nutritional status potentially impact higher consumers including fish

Exciting work on the evolution of fatty acid synthesis traits from @DarwinsToad that I'm hoping to build upon in my current postdoc! Fit and fatty freshwater fish: contrasting polyunsaturated fatty acid phenotypes between hybridizing stickleback lineages

Spiders can use two distinct pathways (trophic vs metabolic) to satisfy their physiological EPA demands, depending on habitat use and dietary availability.
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Be a cool vole, go get vaccinated, or get your booster shot if you are eligible. It's easy, painless, safe, and you get a cool QR code that you can show off everywhere ­čĺ¬

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Today, I was supposed to be on my way to the BioMove retreat, meeting everybody in a fancy hotel with amazing food.
Instead, we had to cancel the meeting because of the rising covid numbers.

So I am making it very personal by finishing my online-retreat presentation like this.

STUDENT REMINDER! Submit your recently published papers by MONDAY!
First place winner will be invited to give a plenary talk at the 2022 Congress in Berlin, Germany. The winners of 2nd and 3rd places will talk at the closing ceremony.

Damn. @FulweilerLab lays it out there, bravely and without apology. This hits hard today.

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