12 new positions for PhD candidates at the University of Landau on aquatic-terrestrial interactions. Broad spectrum of PhD topics for environmental scientists, biologists, hydrologists, chemists.

This new review by Maria Alp and @JCucheFish examines how stable isotope metrics can describe human impacts on #foodwebs. Nice to see my PhD work published in @AnimalEcology cited! #SIA!

Welcome to the #FishVsBird edition of whose nesting colony is best. Move over birds, researchers have discovered a notothenioid icefish colony that is estimated to contain >60 million active nests!


We are looking for 2 committed and motivated young scientists with experience in the field of aquatic ecology, ideally both in research and teaching. Come and join us/ please spread the word!


I am excited to share a new study led by Shachar Givon & @MatanSamina w/ Ohad Ben Shahar: Goldfish can learn to navigate a small robotic vehicle on land. We trained goldfish to drive a wheeled platform that reacts to the fish’s movement (

I just found out about this very useful and comprehensive "Guide to Reproducible Code in Ecology and Evolution". I thought it might be useful for others, even outside the E&E research world.

Freely distributed (WOOT!!!) by @BritishEcolSoc at:

Earlier this year, started Redbubble shop where you can order prints of my vector drawings and designs. If you haven't seen it yet - welcome to do so! 😃

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